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14,000 ATMS
700 million transactions per month
Payments hub for ATM, POS, Internet


Opsol Integrators’ OmniPayments solutions offer a full complement of credit card/debit card authorization and support services for retail banks. It manages requests from ATMs, POS terminals, mobile devices, the Internet, and bank tellers.

OmniPayments receives incoming transaction requests directly from transaction initiators it manages and also from other financial institutions via interchange switches. If the bank serviced by OmniPayments is the issuer of the credit card/debit card, OmniPayments routes the transaction request to that bank’s host system for authorization. Otherwise, it routes the request to the issuing bank via an interchange switch.

OmniPayments is built on the HP NonStop platform to provide the ultimate in fault-tolerant availability, immense linear scalability, and bullet-proof data integrity. Supported disaster recovery options include active/passive configurations and active/active architectures.

Opsol Price Guarantee Opsol guarantees an institution will save at least 50% compared to its current transaction processing costs.

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50% savings on current operating costs

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