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$250,000 Retailer package.

Minimum 50% Savings
NO transaction fees
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In production today

14,000 ATMS
700 million transactions per month
Payments hub for ATM, POS, Internet


Our Vision - Powering the next generation of retail payments systems A world where low cost flexible intelligent payment services are continuously available, delivered to users via any device they choose and where institutions can monitor their payments traffic in real-time to optimize each customer interaction.

Our Mission is
  • help institutions to drive adoption of the latest delivery channel technology
  • deliver flexible infrastructure technology and architectures
  • provide expertise and manpower to help implement a large payment system

    Solution Benefits Architected to support future devices as well as current and legacy devices.

    Proven in production with 14,000 ATMs and 40 million transactions per day OmniPayments offers banks all the requisite functionality to manage credit-card and debit-card transactions. Based on a SOA architecture, it is easily expandable to provide additional functionality when needed.

    Security OmniPayments supplies complete security functions for every financial transaction that it handles, including encryption-at-rest and encryption-in-flight.

    Always On OmniPayments is built on the HP NonStop platform to provide the ultimate in fault-tolerant availability, immense linear scalability, and bullet-proof data integrity. Available around the clock, it will survive any single fault, requires no downtime for maintenance or upgrades, and supports a range of disaster recovery solutions. OmniPayments recommends an Active - Active approach for optimal hardware utilization and a Recover Point Objective (RPO) of zero.

    OmniPayments Price Guarantee We guarantee an institution will save at least 50% compared to its current transaction processing costs. OmniPayments provides an easy path for current ACI BASE24 customers that want to stay on the HP NonStop. OmniPaymentsí pricing policy is attractively based on a one time software license fee rather than on transaction volume. Customers benefit from transaction growth. OmniPayments benefits from the technology.

    Largest Integrator With successful implementations at many banks, OmniPayments is a growing solution for the financial industry. OmniPayments specializes in NonStop mission-critical applications, and we are HP NonStopís largest system integrator.

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